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Client Testimonials

A few of my clients have offered these comments

From T.B. (a twenty-something male)

I have certainly taken what you've helped me with and have made my own journey out of it. I'm putting what you have taught me to use in my own unique ways and while things have been great, I definitely notice continuous improvement as time passes. This time I won't stop and assume things are just right, it's a lifelong effort that I need to keep up for myself, to be the man I want to be, the man I'm happy being and I definitely owe a great deal of that to you for helping me get back on my feet.

If my words can attract anyone to seek you out, if even for a brief visit, then I'll be happy knowing that you could help them the way you helped me.

From J.F. (A Thirty-something Male)

For the past six months I have been attending anger management sessions with Dr. John Seader. While I initially began seeing Dr. Seader because of some problems I had with my job, these therapy sessions have made a huge difference in my life. Not only have I learned methods and techniques to deal with my anger and difficult situations that may arise, but I also have become a calmer and more confident person. Dr. Seader has been a real help to me and I would strongly advise anyone who is dealing with anger issues to seek his advice and guidance.

As a postscript I would like to add that my job is now safe and things are going better.

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