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Dr John Seader speaking with a pateint during an anger management class in Philadelphia

Certified Anger Management Specialist

Adults, Teens & Couples

We must experience pain in order to change.
Has your life been painful enough yet?


Welcome to my Practice

I am Dr. John Seader and I am a certified Anger Management Specialist.

I help those with anger management issues because I have lived a life with anger management issues. As an organizational psychologist, I also provide services such as Executive Coaching and Leadership Development for professional organizations. I have a PhD in psychology and I am certified by the National Anger Management Association as a certified Anger Management Specialist. I am also listed on the Psychology Today website as an Anger Management Specialist.


Anger Management

It is important to understand that anger is a natural and basic emotion that is expressed on some level across all cultures around the world.
Anger Management is not about removing one's anger; anger is a hard-wired emotion. Anger management is about learning to control our responses when anger develops.
Key indicators for the need for anger management include increases in anger intensity, duration and frequency.

Executive Coaching

I work across the management and executive ranks within an organization. New skills required of managers including evaluating performance, conducting tough conversations, dealing with conflict and motivating teams are not necessarily skills that come naturally. I offer several different assessments for management/leadership evaluations including emotional intelligence assessments, personality evaluations, and leadership type scales.

Testing & Assessments

Emotional Intelligence Assessments are now available in the privacy of your own home or office. We also offer...

  • Evaluation of Adult and Teen ADHD

  • Neuropsychological Testing

  • DUI Evaluations

  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations

  • Anxiety Testing

  • Learning Styles and Strategies

  • Urine Drug Screening for the establishment of a verifiable record of recovery

I have certainly taken what you've helped me with and have made my own journey out of it. I'm putting what you have taught me to use in my own unique ways and while things have been great, I definitely notice continuous improvement as time passes. This time I won't stop and assume things are just right, it's a lifelong effort that I need to keep up for myself, to be the man I want to be, the man I'm happy being and I definitely owe a great deal of that to you for helping me get back on my feet. If my words can attract anyone to seek you out, if even for a brief visit, then I'll be happy knowing that you could help them the way you helped me.

-T.B. (a 20-something male)

For the past six months I have been attending anger management sessions with Dr. John Seader. While I initially began seeing Dr. Seader because of some problems I had with my job, these therapy sessions have made a huge difference in my life. Not only have I learned methods and techniques to deal with my anger and difficult situations that may arise, but I also have become a calmer and more confident person. Dr. Seader has been a real help to me and I would strongly advise anyone who is dealing with anger issues to seek his advice and guidance. As a postscript I would like to add that my job is now safe and things are going better.

-J.F. (a 30-something male)

Anger MANagement

Because You Are Better Than That

Learn how to control your anger from someone who had to learn to control his. My anger was ruining my relationships with family, friends, employers, and significant others. It controlled me and caused me do things I may not have otherwise chose to have done. The angrier I got, the more I got angry, and the more out of control I became. We will work together to address old patterns of behavior and take a different approach to the world. This book will make you more powerful, not less. The knowledge gained in through this book will not make you less of a man, but more of a man. You will gain the power of knowledge, gain back self-respect, and create a different legacy for yourself, your children, and significant others. I have lived this possibility.

Anger Management Book, Anger MANagement- Because You Are Better Than That, By Dr. John Seader

Kiss your Wife Goodnight- if you don't someone else just might

Through observations and personal experience, it seemed to me that men have simply lost their way on the path to learning how to be a man and how to romance a woman. This, however, isn’t man’s fault per se; we have had poor role models in this area mostly because our role models were lost also and as is often the case, when a man gets lost, he won't ask for directions. When we as a species do not know what to do, we will generally do nothing at all – the proverbial deer in the headlights mentality. For too long now men have been these deer locked in the relationship headlights. I humorously review how men became so inept at developing our relationships and then introduce some of the things that men can do to improve themselves and their relationships.

Kiss Your Wife Goodnight Book by Dr. John Seader
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