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My new book, 

Anger MANagement

Because You Are Better Than That

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My  book Anger MANagement, Because You Are Better Than That has been several years in the making. My clients were always trying to take notes during our sessions -- so I wrote this book about our sessions. Each chapter in the book is, more or less, a session in my office. This book cannot replace the sessions, but it certainly provides insight and clarity into how I explain anger management to my clients.

I am currently offering phone, Skype, and face time anger management sessions during the corona virus situation.

Please call my office at 215-885-8045 for conditions


Anger management is not about removing one's anger; anger management is about learning to recognize and control our responses to life's anger causing stressors. Anger Management is recognizing that we do not need to "take it personally", and anger management is learning to change the way we perceive the world around us.

Key indicators for the need for anger management include increases in anger:

  • intensity
  • duration of events
  • frequency of events.

As an organizational psychologist and a certified anger management specialist, I am qualified to work with adults and teens and our practice meets court mandated requirements.

I believe personal experience is often our best motivator and educator. I find my insight into the angry male experience has been beneficial for many of my clients.

I have a PhD in organizational psychology and I am certified by the National Anger Management Association as a certified anger management specialist.

In addition to adult anger issues, I am certified as a

Teen Anger Management Specialist.

Adolescent anger management issues can be quite different from adult anger management -- a separate certification is necessary to treat these issues.

We all experience some level of anger at some point in our lives. However, when the intensity, duration, and/or frequency of our behaviors associated with anger exceed social or legal acceptance, anger management may be needed.

A certain amount of anger is necessary for our survival; anger is a primitive defensive reaction to feeling vulnerable or to being under attack. Anger management is learning how to manage and control our feelings and the physiological arousal that often accompanies an anger event. I can assist you in achieving control.

I am dedicated to helping people whose current ways of expressing anger is resulting in life problems. My goal is to help people master skills for happier, peaceful, successful living.

However, I can only help those who want to change.

I will be honest and tell you now if you are looking to appease someone else (wife, husband, etc.) or if you just want to receive a court mandated certification, I am probably not the specialist for you.

If you are truly serious about changing your life for the better, call us to set up an appointment.


For self- referred individuals/couples:

I believe each person should be treated as an individual and your treatment will be based with respect to your needs and your experiences. The direction and length of treatment will be determined on a case by case basis. Participation in group therapies may be recommended but is not mandatory. Sample sessions are noted below.

For court or employee ordered anger management individuals:

Our practice meets court mandated anger management requirements.

For court and employer ordered individuals, we offer 10 and 12 week sessions.

Court and Employer Ordered Sessions include:

  • Anger evaluation
  • A comprehension understanding of anger and its affects on the body
  • Perceptual Modification (changing how we perceive the world around us)
  • Cognitive restructuring (changing how we think)
  • Behavior modification (changing how we act)
  • Communication Development (changing how we relate our anger)
  • Relaxation techniques (changing our physiological response to anger)
  • Tolerance training (Understanding the differences of those around us)
  • Certification of completion

We can’t always control or change the things that get us angry, but we can learn to control our reactions to them

I believe that each of us is a unique individual and I approach my anger management sessions with this mindset.

Anger Management evaluations also offered

I will work with YOU and I will address YOUR needs.

If we change the way we perceive the world, we will change the way we think about the world. If we change the way we think about the world, we will change the way we behave in the world.

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Men -- Let the Alpha Male in you surface. Allow your relationship to grow by allowing yourself to grow.




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